Web Design/Development

We Build:

Business/Company Websites

A Business/Company is a professional body that requires a professional website. At CDEV CORP we move a bit further buy building professional websites with a midas touch.

So, if you have a Company, an SME, a Multinational Organisation, no matter the size of your organisation; we have the best web design solutions for you.

  • Business Website

E-Commerce Websites

As an entrepreneur selling goods and services, having an online store is definitely the next step for you. It gives you the opportunity to reach a greater number of customers.

We build absolutely brilliant E-Commerce sites and best of all is that we hand them over to you in 7 Days accompanied with a Mobile Application for Android and IOS Devices

Personal Websites

As an individual you might want to tell people more about you or show people what you do. A personal website is a good way to do this in this 21st century.
We build personal websites reflective of your personality, services or achievements. It could be a personal blog, a photography website, a photo gallery a wedding website or a website to display your portfolio.
All tailor made just for you alone.

  • Personal Website

Custom Websites

You might want a website different from those listed above, you don’t have to break a sweat, we got you covered.

We build different kinds of custom websites; crowdfunding websites, crowdsale websites, cryptocurrency web development and any other kind of web site/platform youmight need.

  • Custom website

Other Services We Offer

SEO Services

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”.
Search engine optimization is very important in generating good traffic for your website. If your website is properly optimized for search engines ( e.g GOOGLE ) it will rank higher on search engines and most likely appear on the first page of searches related to the niche your website belongs to.

  • seo services

Android App Development

Applications are fast becoming the new order of the day and we believe they will revolutionize the future of technology.

Applications we build at CDEV CORP includes web applications, games, E-Commerce applications and custom made applications.

Contact us now so we can help you better.

  • application development

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding basically has to do with the promotion of your Brand, Business or Corporation.
Our Corporate Branding services include;

  • Logo Design
  • Design of Business Cards and flyers
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • corporate branding